Robot welding

Our range of welding robots provides versatile options to optimize welding processes, improve productivity, and ensure high-quality welds. With our welding robots, we can handle both small and large welded components in large quantities.

Benefits for Your Business:

Enhanced accuracy: Our welding robots ensure consistent weld quality, meeting your specifications and minimizing rework.

Welding efficiency: Our robots automate the welding process, resulting in faster cycle times and increased productivity providing shorter lead times.

Productivity improvement: By utilizing advanced welding technology and robotic precision, we optimize production workflows and maximize output to secure high production capacity for your needs.

Cost savings: By streamlining the welding process and reducing human error, our welding robots help save on labour costs and minimize the material waste of your products.

Capabilities of Our Welding Robots:

MIG & MAG welding

Dimensional capabilities:

Parts up to 300 kg size 2000 x 1000 mm

Contact one of our sales staff today to discuss how our welding robot services can meet your specific needs.